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What can I write? A girl of only seventeen. Can you sense my emotions as you read this? I wonder if I can make you know of me through my words. If I can write words that hold emotions and will push it upon you just as the bee pushes a bear away. So light that it somehow will reach you. With everyword that scribs across the page. With everyword that appears in your mind. Can you feel my emotion? As I type upon this board and sing what I see, or do I sing and then see? I don’t even know anymore, but my voice can’t match my fingers. And maybe I’m a verse ahead. And maybe I’m a verse behind. But can you sense my emotion as I write this? As the keys go down like a pebble in the snow, or is it pebble in the sea?

For it goes down no matter what. The rock right now though, is it the fingers or the heart? Why do I sing such sadful things? Yet even as the screen gets dark, and the world turns to white, I will keep singing my song, and I will keep typing my words.

For can you feel my sadness now? Or has it turned to monotone too? What would it take to show my thoughts? Would it take three simple words? Yet a story is never that short, it so easily starts that way. With three simple words my fate will fall into desolate. And my heart like the pebble will fall into the sweet snow.

For the sky has turned black, and the ground has turned red…

“You really need to stop doing that…” I know, Svitch, I know.

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I have lost track of how many times I have been trapped here, but it is cold and lonely, and light seems to reach it with no hope of being seen again… *Shoves Svitch away* Honestly, Svitch, I know it’s been a while, but do you have to call this place ‘cold’ of all things…Even if I do spend a lot of time with Vexen…and all… *looks away* “Yes, because you left me here alone again, you promised to stop doing that!” *pats Svitch’s head* I know I did, I know… “Then go on and update this place, woman!” Don’t be calling me a woman… “Well you are almost eighteen.” Just a little more than five months…

-Enough of that, Svitch is the spirit of my blog, though, but don’t expect to see him often, he’s a little shy-

Date, 6/27… Heh, don’t  ship that, I think… *ponders* I don’t /think/ so. Either way, let’s just talk! Where to start, wow, last I made a blog I was sixteen. *laughs* Really, so long ago~ Ah, how time flies~ I think I’ll talk about all kind of things then, let’s go backwards through time! For Saturday I went to a party with Vexen, heh, that was sure a surprise to everyone but Ventus, no one knew Vexen had been invited~ It really was a lot of fun, it helped fix my levels a bit, but they really do waver a lot during Summer, it’s hard to find a constant energy source…and this body does need quite a bit of emotional energy to keep on going… I doubt any of this is making sense, but as a Keeper it is not my place to explain! Any way…let’s go back to when school was still happening, and when my soul still seemed my own and had not been eaten by a RPer… Heh, I really feel like a FB RPer now, I’ve fallen into being one…not that I mind or anything, I meet all kinds of people, some good, some bad, and some scythe needing, but it is fun…

It’s funny though, I often promised myself that I would never fall into being a FB RPer, that I would keep my name and just be a RPer on the side…yet, changed it for 4/4/11 made me realize that…it’s fun, it’s fun being Marluxia Floris…and when 4/11/11 came, and Vexen and I were meant to change our names I kept mine, and she changed hers back.  And now, 6/27/11 I still have it set, I am still Marluxia Floris, proud and true, a canon Marluxia who is gay in a way that simply says to woman “Sorry, you can love me, but you’re never getting in these pants” It’s a name that means so much to me, as a RPer and as a cosplayer. I truly feel I have become Marluxia, I admit he may be a bit nicer than others, and at times can act very childish and nearly innocent, but he is an actor and beneath it all will always be a snarky bastard with an ice rod up his ass, not that he seems to mind. That is just how things are, and I am proud to have the name, even if it did just start as a “Be in my group” and a “He’s a flowery gay man” Now, after 18 months, it is a life style and I am proud to be Marluxia. I am proud to have the name, and don’t plan on every losing it.

“You really can be strangely emotional at times.” I know Svitch. “I suppose I should not be surprised, but you really have come a long way. You used to be so shy about being a RPer…the kind of person who had it listed and would find themselves RPering. But now, you are out there, and yell for the attention.” Heh, it’s become fun, in a way, it’s troublesome at times…but it’s fun. “I suppose so, but I thought you were supposed to be talking about school…” EH?!

Pfft, really, though, 11th grade is over, and now I move to 12th…that’s all I have to say. So I’ll stop here.

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‘Ello, mes amies, je m’appelle Rebecca. I truly do not know much more French than that, I am in a French two class in High School, I am in my Junior Year. At the moment I am listening to Vocaloid music, reading what ever I write outloud in a very bad French accent, oui, très mal. What else am I up to? Besides being on Facebook, debating what to sing-I do various Karaoke- and staring at my ‘omework.

Ha, I guess I should say more on myself. I am a RPest, I am female, I believe that gender does not really matter though in the words of love, also, I am almost 17, I have dirty blond hair, blue eyes, and I have really no idea of my origins. What else, what else. *Pokes desk* I do wear glasses, I am /horribly/ near-sighted. I enjoy collecting rocks, and I am trying oh, so, hard to keep this on topic. What is the topic? I can not really tell you… Either way, either way. Let’s go back to RPing? Kay, no?

I am a RPest, I will /not/ cyber with you, don’t even try. I also cannot write a fight scene for the life of me, I have no problem with smut though. Many of my characters are cat-related, Sohma Yuki from Fruit’s Basket most likely being one of the few that are not. Though I have rolled down a hill as Yuki and meowed…that is a story for another time. I also do Cosplay, I can easily stare at my Hungary cosplay right now, it is the military version also, and I have worn it to school. Other cosplays I have done, mm, Diedara and Marluxia really, but more relaxed versions. For a person with many characters with cloaks I don’t really wear cloaks often. “Wash my blood of agony, proof of my virginity…” I am listening to ‘Wash my Blood’ by Luka, also, just felt like ‘saying’ that.

*Sighs* What else~ I am not /legally/ diagnosed with anything, though if someone got close to me they would most likely think I am Bi-Polar, and maybe some other random stuff~ *Shrugs* I care so little, one is as they are, and that is all. Apple juice, I love apple juice~ (No, really, I have apple juice next to me.) Hn, *Head-tilt* At this point I may just prove what a strange RPer I am and let /Marly/ take over. Where ever he is…

… … … Man this house is odd, ok, found Marluxia he was playing the piano with Hoshi again, and, oh, now I have to calm down Hoshi. Mar, take the computer for a bit will you? Good, good.

Eh, Hello? That girl, Hoshi was completely /fine/ and now she goes and leaves moi here. She knows I only play the piano with Hoshi to distract myself from the /basement/. Ha, I will just find someone else to take care of this, Soubi must be around here somewhere.

… … … OK, maybe trying to find Soubi was not the best idea, that blond is most likely stalking his cat-eared ‘sacrifice’, I do not /try/ to understand Soubi most days. I can understand his attachment to ‘Rit-chan’ though, I suppose it is close to the one I have with Roxas, or Hungary’s with ‘Ita-chan’, Either way, enough of this. I am leaving, let Becca deal with this. I have better things to deal with.

… … … Well, ya, I expected that, just like Marluxia to leave, I suppose that is really all I have to say for now anyway, if you have any questions just ask them. ~B

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Prince or Princess?

The question at the moment I put forward is this, ‘Prince or Princess?’ The difference in fairy tales always seems to be that one rescues the other. I view my self as a prince for the record -I am Yuki- I want to protect those near me, I want to keep them safe. There is more though, I want to a prince that others can look up to. Maybe I am like the girls in the extra Prince Prince from the manga Princess Princess, I wish to bring excitement where it is not. The thing is this, I also am a women to some level. I want to be a ‘prince’ and a ‘women’, this may be where the problem lies. This is also where I find balance. I wish to protect those around me, but still be weak enough to be rescued.
Every little girl’s deam seems to be that to be a princess like those in fairy tales, to be swept off her feet by a dashing prince. This is where it lies in truth, the reason I view my self as a prince, I wish to sweep her off her feet and protect her forever. I also want to be a women they will be proud to have at their side. Love really is troublesome…

Just felt like making a blog about something random, now for yesterday. I went to a birthday with five other girls. Train fair is really expensive so there was not many of us, the girl’s parents took care of everything. We were on the train for at least two hours, I spent the time texting Roxas and reading. When we got there we had to walk over to the pizza place, num on pizza. Take it as this, it was Vexen, Xigbar/Demmy, Roxas, Marluxia, Kai-sama, and other girl and parents. It was all so much fun.
After that we walked over to the place where the play was, we went to see ‘West Side Story’ my favorite part was the ending, so I will not say. Marluxia is a spoiler free person, that has nothing to do with morals though…
After that we had to rush back over to the train, try not to get killed by the mob of people, keep the eight of us together. It was all fun. On the train ride back I almost fell asleep on Kai-sama. Xigbar actually asked "How were you levitating?" when I was ‘awake’. I really was just like "Even when I’m asleep Kai-sama’s ‘don’t touch me’ stops me." it was funny.
When we got back we walked to the car and went to a diner. Demmy ate chicken fingers and the others of us joked about ‘her being a child’ it was fun. I asked Roxas at one point if he "needs lessons on eating again." Roxas shouted back "Never again!" and that was just awesome. We joked about Vexen and Roxas getting along when Roxas is not meant to like girls. -Reference to some random comic-
We stared at Kai-sama actually eating, none of us had ever scene the girl eat before. It was like "EPIC~!!!"
I stared at the menu and said ‘Bacon’ and then was like "I want breakfast" Demmy said "It’s too late for breakfast." the waitress said we could get it any time. In the end, none of us were eating breakfast…
I did get my bacon though, Hungary described her sandwich as "Bread, cheese bacon, bread." that was all it was…
After dinner and a lot of random talk ranging from me dying in a game and the kitten getting well..any way.. *Laughs* That was a random game. Vexen being Vexen, yes, Marluxia did not know Vexen was Vexen, when I learned this I was just like, "Why did no one tell me!" we also discussed number two trying to give us orders. I gave Vexen some random order and Xigbar was like "Since we don’t have a leader and I am number two then that means only I can give orders." Response: "Well, since I don’t care about the leader, no…" It was all quite random and merry~
After that we waited for Xigbar to get picked up before heading to the school where Roxas and I were getting picked up. It was all a very random day, it was fun though. Exhausting, but worth it. ❤

Name guide:
Roxas – Anna
Demmy -Xigbar – Ita-chan
Vexen as Vexen…



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Manga Fox: Blue Nathanael Manga Series

Manga Fox: Blue Nathanael Manga Series This is such a truly beautiful and sad Shounen-ai. It is also a bit confusing to some level, the ending is very tear jerking also… I…I loved it though…

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Manga Fox: 9th Sleep Manga Series

Manga Fox: 9th Sleep Manga Series

This was actually translated by PS, which is surprising. Since it is not yaoi, barely even to a shounen-ai level. I really liked this manga though, it was very sweet, and this person has a very beautiful style. ❤ ~Nyanko-chan

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Names by music…

Create a playlist at

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More about me…

<embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="; name="flashplayer" src="; quality="high" width="340" height="360" swliveconnect="true" allowscriptaccess="samedomain" /><br><a href="; target="new">Get Your Birthstones</a> at

My birthday is December first, I have already stated that I am a teenager, try to guess my age…
My favorite color is turquoise, but I really just like green blue. It makes me think of Nyanko, Nyanko is the name of my yami, my darker half in sense. They says eyes are the out lit of ones soul. My eyes are green in truth, but usually seem blue-green or a really yellowish shade of green. The yellow is a sign of Hoshi by the way, Nyanko’s mate. Hoshi is also a yami of mine in sense, but it is more then that. Maybe I will explain more about a ‘yami’ later. By the way, some of you may be thinking "Yami? Like in Yu-Gi-Oh?" ya, it does kind of connect to that. Yami is given that name because he seems like the evil side of Yuugi.
My favorite animal is the cat, I really like ocelot. I find them truly beautiful. Cats can be very fickle, but once you have a cat on your side it is a bond for life. It is a bond of pure protection. I am very protective of cats, and act like one. I am known in my science class as ‘The meowing girl’ and proved to my class that you can meow in many languages. My main ones are ‘nya’ ‘me-ah?’ and ‘Miao’ which would be Japanese, my own, and French. I actually meow on impulse, I meow in fear and when happy. Really if I am scared like in the hall I will be like ‘Nya!’ really freakily.
When it comes to food I eat most things, just not nuts, cherries, or lettuce. I do not eat the things most people do. I love meat, so much, meow, tasty~ I also like blueberries and carrots. I actually have to eat a lot of chocolate to keep my sugar levels normal, if I do not have enough sugar I can snap and just, it is scary.
I am a very weak seeming person, I can be strong though. I actually have had some one say "I’ll do what you say Deidara, just don’t pinch me." I really will only pinch people.
What else…
Stone, um Tiger’s Eye. I actually do collect rocks. Maybe I will take a pic and put it up some time.
Um… I am not all that picky when it comes to the manga I read, I have said "I will read any thing just not ecchi." and then gone around and read ecchi. I freaked out a bunch of girls by saying "I read Yuri." none of them knew apparently. That is one way to distract some one from Kingdom Hearts. It was very amusing to me. Honda-san was just like "Y-Yuki?" it was all very funny. That day was amusing. I am a bit more picky about anime though, but more because of the time thing, I usually read either the manga or watch the anime of something. If I do read both I am constantly comparing them. Like with Shugo Chara! I was instantly comparing them. Or when I read the manga of Sailor Moon after watching the anime so long ago.
I apparently do not seem like my self when I dress like a girl, I have had some one say "You’re wearing pink, you look like a girl. Not that you aren’t." I guess I do not look like a girl sometimes. Maybe because I am very flat chested.
I have dirty blond hair, which means the color is very varrient. It has gotten darker as I got older. I do not usually wear things in it, maybe a hair tie at times, a clip with a bell on it, a hat, or a head band. I am starting to do more with it now, trying to seem more like a girl. I guess I am like -spoiler warning- Akito a lot. I surrond my self with people, and when I loss someone I fall apart. I become scared. I am weak and fragile. I cry easily, but hide it well. I do not understand love. I am confused easily. I am either innocent or perverted seeming. I do not have a middle, a center point. One either knows one side or the other. Those that know me as innocent can not believe I am perverted. That that know me as perverted do not believe people can see me as innocent. I am evil and good. I am pure and sinful. "I am me." I am Yuki, Soubi, Marluxia, Deidara, Nyanko, Catcherpaw, and many more. I am ‘me’.

I hope you learned something new… Ask any thing you want…

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Manga Fox: Call of the Wind Manga Series

Manga Fox: Call of the Wind Manga Series

A really short and sweet story, nothing like a little kid and sake, really. I found it strangely sweet, I would of been happy if it had like another two pages though. I mean it was quick, even for a one shot. It just seemed a bit abrupt, or not in depth enough. *Shrugs* Yaoi one shots, they are just that way…

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